What Participants Can Expect

Expand Your Expectations

IGEL field tripIGEL is a hands-on experience that will take you to five different locales around Georgia. Five, multi-day sessions are held over a nine-month period.

At these invigorating gatherings, you’ll not only learn about complex environmental issues from leading experts, but also get out into the field to see and feel how industry, development, agriculture and transportation interact with our natural resources.

IGEL takes you beyond the conference room to experience first-hand how environmental policies and decisions make a palpable impact on land, communities, businesses and individuals in every part of Georgia. As you ride with a farmer through fertile fields, sail through coastal waters or tour expanding road networks, you’ll gain new understanding of crucial issues. You’ll talk with fellow stakeholders about how they’ve handled environmental challenges.

You’ll explore case studies, current events, policies and the latest sustainability concepts. You’ll develop new analytical lenses, systems thinking skills, and proven tools for managing conflict, or dealing with differences and diversity when making decisions that affect the environment.

When you graduate from IGEL, you will:

  • Benefit from expanded knowledge
  • Enjoy a high-quality network of influential contacts
  • Clarify how you and your organization will drive change

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