The Power of Place

Rob_Williams_with_Cocker_SpanielIn September of 2018, Rob Williams (IGEL '17) was awarded the Georgia Conservancy's Distinguished Conservationist of the Year award at their eco-Benefete gala.

"The work of the Georgia Conservancy, and the work of dozens of environmental organizations, and leaders of corporate sustainability
efforts, and government employees who stand vigilant watch on the towers that protect the environment, and the engineers and scientists who innovate and educate about this creation we call the environment, and others of you who are in this room, are first and foremost committed to preserving a "place". What I wrote about in that "Two Georgias" documents was about the loss of "place" and the increasing tension between urban and rural, rich and poor, black and white, fifth generation and recent immigrant and how that tension would continue to diminish our sense of place. Without a connection to place you lose the desire to conserve."

Read the rest of his speech, The Power of Place, here.