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Tuition paid by IGEL participants or their institutions are significant, but these funds only cover 50-60% of the program’s cost. Civic and community leaders, or individuals working in nonprofits may not be able to participate without a scholarship. IGEL’s scholarship opportunities, funded with contributions from individuals, foundations, and corporations, help us ensure diversity in each class.  Your gift to IGEL builds a diverse network of leaders resolving Georgia's environmental challenges.  If you would prefer to donate stock, please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

IGEL is committed to keeping its annual budget focused on its mission. More than 94% of our funding goes toward programming costs.


IGEL Alumni Campaign

Every year, we ask IGELians to give back through the Alumni Campaign. This year we are working hard to strengthen and improve our internal and external functions, including revamping the IGEL website and improving our communications with our network. Going forward, our emphasis is to activate and engage the tremendous resources presented by the 600+ IGEL alumni network.

We fundraise year-round from corporate sponsors and foundations, but the financial backbone of any organization must always be its alumni. Nothing speaks louder about the program's real worth than what past participants demonstrate with their own generosity. The Alumni Campaign has spoken loudly and clearly in the past by surpassing a 70% participation rate. Please take a moment right now to make your contribution, and do your part to ensure IGEL continues to create and engage a diverse network of environmentally educated leaders.

In addition to raising annual operating funds, we are working to close out our Capacity Building Campaign, which allows us to make IGEL better and stronger. The goal of the Capacity Building Campaign is $500,000. We are excited to report that we have pledges in hand from foundations, corporations, and IGEL Board members for $467,000. So, we need just a little more. To top it off, we ask all alumni to stretch and to give a little more than your past annual gifts. One-third of each alumni gift will be used to finish off the Capacity Building Campaign.

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Foundation and Corporate Partners provide much-needed financial support for IGEL’s programs and scholarships; these partnerships make up the largest share of IGEL's fundraising. 

Corporate partnerships are available at Legacy, Premier, Influential, Dedicated, Scholarship, and Supporting levels.


Checks can be made payable to IGEL, Inc. and can be mailed to:

IGEL, Inc.
P.O. Box 18841
Atlanta, GA 31126

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Our goal, with your help, is to create and sustain a network of knowledgeable, skilled leaders who will work together to overcome state and regional environmental issues, and preserve natural resources for future generations.

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Thank You to Our Corporate & Foundation Partners

To make an individual contribution to IGEL outside of the Alumni Campaign, click the button below.  You can select one of our fixed donation tiers or choose your own amount. Your gift to IGEL builds a diverse network of leaders collaborating across industry sectors and geographical regions to resolve Georgia's environmental challenges. Give the Gift of Leadership.

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Georgia Gives Day is a yearly campaign by the Georgia Center for Nonprofits that aims to spark new partnerships and set the stage for cross-sector collaboration.

Donations to IGEL for GGD can be made on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, also known as Giving Tuesday. After clicking the link below, look for "Give the Gift of Leadership" and the donation form in the right sidebar.

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