Program Schedule

Five Multi-day Sessions over Nine Months

Kayaking with IGELIGEL includes five, multi-day sessions that take place in different parts of the state. Each session is designed to educate participants on different environmental challenges and opportunities, with a combination of classroom discussion and hands-on, experiential learning.

Session One: Amicalola, May 10-13, 2022

  • Provide an overview of IGEL and each session, including a review of ground rules and expectations;
  • Introduce Analytical Lenses and learn about each other’s environmental values;
  • Discover leadership sensibilities and strengths through peer coaching, one-on-one talks, and self-reflection;
  • Learn about biodiversity in a biodiverse “hotspot” in northeast Georgia; and
  • Evaluate the effect of human activity on sensitive ecosystems and the economic and environmental challenges.

Session Two: Albany, July 12-15, 2022

  • Focus on water as one of the key environmental domains and water policy in Georgia.
  • Understand the changing demographics of land tenure in the rural South.
  • Provide an overview of South Georgia's natural resource-based economy,including agriculture and forestry.
  • Explore leadership strengths and the power of listening to and including diverse voices through peer coaching groups, keynote speakers,and light improv.

Session Three: Sapelo Island, September 20-23, 2022

  • Provide an overview of the Georgia coast as a unique inter-connected environment impacted by actions in the rest of the state. Elements of the overview will include exploration of coastal marsh ecology, marine science, and public policy affecting the coastal environment.
  • Explore the dynamics of collaboration and the role of leaders in building collaboration.
  • Examine various scenarios for development and sustainability of coastal Georgia and the dynamics decision-making in environmental issues.
  • Explore the impact of social vulnerability and the environment on traditional African-American communities on barrier islands and coastal Georgia.

Session Four: Columbus, November 01-04, 2022

  • Explore the manifold effects of land use

Session Five: Serenbe --> Atlanta, January 23-26, 2023

  • Focus on the "ecology" of commerce,development and communities - how businesses and communities are integrating their practices to reflect regenerative practices rather than extractive promote sustainability, resiliency, and corporate responsibility.
  • Examine the integration of what and how we build and the impact on our surrounding environment,occupations,heath, and quality of life.
  • Visit entities that are making sustainability and regenerative practices a priority
  • Hear from leaders in the community who are living the best practices of Drawdown Georgia
  • Celebrate and graduate members of IGEL Class of 2022

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