Hurricane Michael Relief Effort


Time and Talent:

IGELians in southwest Georgia tell us that, while financial contributions can certainly help, the greatest need right now is for actual people on the ground to undertake the physical cleanup effort that really can only be done one limb at a time. Katherine Zitsch, IGEL '14, has offered to help coordinate. She offers:

Here’s how you can help – now. Coordinating with the Red Cross and the Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA), Katherine is mobilizing friends from around the state to provide:

  • Limb hauling assistance from yards to the curb;
  • Chainsaw assistance cutting fallen trees for others to haul to the curb;
  • Bobcat operators (and bobcats) to help with the heavier lifting;
  • Assistance putting tarps on homes with roof damage.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • You will be assigned to a specific location and will report to either a specific county’s local Emergency Management Agency or a church-led relief effort. Each has a defined footprint within southwest Georgia, with a formal list of activities to be completed. All work is being coordinated with GEMA.
  • Help will be spread out across Southwest Georgia (Colquitt, Bainbridge, Seminole County, Terrell County, and other similar places hit by Hurricane Michael). Volunteers are being assigned across the region according to need.
  • Lodging will be provided for every volunteer. Some shelter may be in the state parks, some may be in community centers, and some may be in local churches. The Red Cross is gracious enough to provide cots and portable showers where necessary. And in many instances three meals a day will be provided, but not in all instances.
  • This is a volunteer effort with associated inherent risk to individuals who volunteer. Katherine is purely acting as a volunteer to link people who want to help with people who need help. You will be working on private property. This isn’t business to business, or utility to utility. This is neighbor to neighbor.
  • Volunteers are needed as soon as Friday, October 26, 2018 and as long as late November/early December. Katherine has been told that this is a marathon not a sprint. There is a MASSIVE amount of clearing that is needed. Volunteer for a day, several days, or several weeks – whatever works with your schedule.

If you want to volunteer, please send Katherine an email ([email protected]) with dates you are available, roles that interest you and your phone number. (As much as she’d like to hear your voice, email will be most efficient in mobilizing the effort.) If you have equipment that can be used (chainsaws, bobcats), please let her know that, too. If you only feel comfortable doing certain roles, they still need your help!! And, if you want to form a team, just let her know how many people there are to volunteer. Katherine’s goal is to make it easy for you by linking you up with someone to make sure your talents are put to use. She will link you up with the appropriate contact in Southwest Georgia.

Georgians helping Georgians. Please volunteer. And, help spread the word.


For those unable to volunteer their time and talent, here are some suggestions for places to donate money that we have received from IGELians in southwest Georgia: Note: IGEL provides the foregoing information as a matter of convenience only and has made no effort to verify accuracy or reliability. Therefore, IGEL assumes no responsibility for activities undertaken or contributions made as a result of information posted on this page.