Program Schedule

Five Multi-day Sessions over Nine Months

Kayaking with IGELIGEL includes five, multi-day sessions that take place in different parts of the state. Each session is designed to educate participants on different environmental challenges and opportunities, with a combination of classroom discussion and hands-on, experiential learning.

Session One: Atlanta, May 16-19, 2017

  • Overview of IGEL and upcoming sessions
  • Leadership competencies, values and assessments
  • Analytical lenses through which to explore environmental issues
  • Land-use economics and decision making

Session Two: Albany, July 11-14, 2017

  • Environmental focus on water, agriculture and natural resource-based economies
  • Leadership focus on managing conflict, and dealing with differences and diversity
  • Exploration of various sectors, including science, technology, education and local government, especially their roles in environmental problem solving

Session Three: Sapelo Island, September 12-15, 2017

  • Environmental focus on marine resources, conservation, preservation and coastal development
  • Leadership focus on collaboration, systems thinking and relational leadership concepts
  • Sector focus on non-governmental organizations, advocacy groups, and state and federal governments

Session Four: Dawson County, November 7-10, 2017

  • Environmental focus on the Southern Appalachians and how they have been affected by human impacts
  • Explore Georgia’s opportunities and challenges regarding energy, including conservation and generation
  • Final Exam

Session Five: Atlanta, January 8-11, 2018

  • Focus on the business case for environmental sustainability
  • Hear from business and industry leaders on environmental challenges and opportunities
  • Explore air-quality challenges for Atlanta and other Georgia metro areas
  • Graduation and Celebration

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